Now you can enjoy our
award winning restaurant sauces
in your own home.

Our Story

Anducci’s restaurants opened in 1988 and quickly grew to nine locations around the Vancouver area. It was a huge hit serving up to 10,0000 customers per week and garnered rave reviews because of its amazing food.

What kept diners coming back more than anything else was the delicious array of original sauces and antipasti that elevated their pastas, pizzas and Italian dishes amongst the best in town.

Despite twenty years of success, Anducci’s recognized an emerging market that demanded premium catered food for celebrations, corporate events and family functions that required a first class commissary facility instead of individual restaurants.

This change in direction still allowed our loyal customers to enjoy our menu but in the settings of their choosing. Not much changed in terms of delicious food, but the missing piece was never being able to satisfy the thousands of requests we received for our individual sauces, pesto and condiments.

Now, 35 years after we served our first meal, Anducci’s is excited to bring you our delicious line of food products, made to perfection and packaged for enjoyment in your own kitchen any way you want!

Why Choose ANDUCCI?

Our delicious products have been developed from succulent, pure ingredients using our customer-approved recipes. With over 9 million satisfied diners since 1988, we’re delighted to bring our flavorful foods from our kitchen to yours.

Happy Customers

  • Tony P.

    I started going to your restaurants when they first opened 1988.

    I'm so happy you finally jarred your sauces so we can enjoy them at home.

    Tony P.
    Long Time Customer
  • Ashley P.

    The Bolognese was delicious and the kids raved

    about the pesto sauce on the chicken sandwiches!

    Ashley P.
    Burnaby Mountain School
  • Robyn B.

    I have had a couple of people ask me where we got the pasta I ordered last week

    all raving about it!

    Robyn B.
  • Bia C.

    The food was absolutely delicious and incredible today

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would like to order again if possible?

    Bia C.
    Fortis BC
  • Maria C.

    The food was, as usual, amazing! Everyone enjoyed it and lots of it. Thank you.

    Maria C.
    St. Thomas More Collegiate

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